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                                          The Grooming          The Woofing Chic Cut            The Clean Up

X-Small- 0-15 lbs           $55.00                           $90.00+                                $45.00

Small-15-30 lbs              $65.00                           $100.00+                              $50.00

Medium-30-45 lbs        $80.00                           $115.00+                             $65.00

Large-45-60 lbs             $95.00                           $130.00+                              $75.00

X-Large- 60+ lbs           $115.00                           $150.00+                             $95.00

                                          Splash Refresh            Puppy Grooming                The Spa Treatment

X-Small- 0-15 lbs          $30.00                           $30.00                                Coming Soon

Small-15-30 lbs             $35.00                           $35.00+                              Coming Soon

Medium-30-45 lbs       $50.00                                 -                                    Coming Soon

Large-45-60 lbs            $65.00                                 -                                    Coming Soon

X-Large- 60+ lbs           $80.00+                              -                                    Coming Soon



*All prices showed are starting prices.

Prices might changed depending on coat condition, dog's behavior.

Poodles-Doodles & all other long curly & double coated breed will be an additional fee

*All new customers must show proof

of rabies vaccination expiration date.


















    Important Information


 Prior to your appointment please send us an email with your response from the following questions. It will give us an idea on how to give your fury friend the best experience with us!

When was the last time your dog was groomed?

How often do you usually groom your dog?

Is your dog aggressive or extremely nervous? 

Any health conditions we should be aware of?

What you need to know

1. We will call you 20 minutes before your dog is ready to give you some time to plan accordingly.

2. When you book an appointment for your dog , you are holding a space in our calendar that is no longer available for other pets, please call Mickeys's pet salon as soon as you know you will not be able to make your appointment.

3. If late cancellation/no-show occurs  you will be charged a $25.00 missed/no call no show fee.


We want the best experience for your dog!


At our grooming salon, we strive to provide the best care and experience for your beloved friend. When we call to let you know that your dog's grooming is ready for pick-up, it's important to promptly retrieve your furry friend for several reasons :

We understand that schedules can vary, but we kindly request that you arrange to pick up your dog soon after receiving our call. This ensures that both you and your dog

have the best experience possible at our grooming salon.

*We will charge $20.00 fee for every hour your dog is here after 

we give you a call for pick up. 

White Minimalist Simple Aesthetic Name Twitter Header.png
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