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We all have dreams,

That is exactly how Mickey's pet salon got started.

Miguel and his family had this idea, dream, desire to build not just another dog grooming salon but a family.

A family that truly cares about your pet's safety and well being,  a family that wants to give your pup the best experience possible while being here  because the truth is..

for Miguel and his family dogs are not just pets, they are family, they make our bad days good and worst days better!

Mickey's pet salon  wanted for every pup to feel at home or like if they were visiting a loved one when they come here.

A place that instead of being intimidating is just an extension of being home and safe while they are being groomed.

And thanks to our community, friends ,customers and Family..

We are now proud to say that we have accomplished just that,

MPS is not just a salon, it's a family. A family that appreciate your trust and your pup.

We have been living our dream for 20 years now and we hope your pet gets to experience the dream as well.

From our family to yours...

Thank you.


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